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Wi-Fi Could Help Identify When You’re Struggling to Breathe

Technology Org 02 Jan 2023
Jason Coder sets up an experiment in an anechoic chamber to use Wi-Fi to sense breathing ... NIST has developed a deep learning algorithm, called BreatheSmart, that can analyze those minuscule changes to help determine whether someone in the room is struggling to breathe ... “This is where we can leverage deep learning,” Coder said ... Coder, Christopher G.

This new deep learning algorithm uses Wi-Fi signals to identify breathing troubles

Interesting Engineering 21 Dec 2022
The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) researchers have developed a deep learning algorithm called BreatheSmart that can monitor your breathing based on minuscule changes in Wi-Fi signals ... "This is where we can leverage deep learning," Coder said.The algorithm successfully classified respiratory patterns.

An algorithm can use WiFi signal changes to help identify breathing issues

Engadget 20 Dec 2022
They say their BreatheSmart deep-learning algorithm could help detect if someone in the household is having breathing issues ... A few years ago, a company called Origin Wireless developed an algorithm that works with a WiFi mesh network ... To make sense of the data they collected, NIST research associate Susanna Mosleh developed the algorithm.

Donald Morrison: Who’s afraid of artificial intelligence?

The Berkshire Eagle 15 Dec 2022
But I have a fondness for this sentence. It kicks off the first essay I ever commissioned from ChatGPT ... A 2016 Oxford University study estimated that 47 percent of jobs might be lost by 2033 to smart machines, algorithms and other forms of artificial intelligence. Sure, some positions will be created as well — say, for coders and tech billionaires.

AI and Automation in Clinical Trials

Pharmiweb 23 Nov 2022
Machine Learning (ML) is a branch of AI which deals with applying algorithms to data, enabling the system to ‘learn’ and improve ... The ML algorithms would be able to design an optimal protocol from the knowledge base, leading to reduced design times and protocol amendments and study disruptions.

Time is running out to hold Big Tech accountable for abusing local news

Polk County Itemiser-Observer 09 Nov 2022
... papers that have been the cornerstones of their communities are being replaced by black box algorithms written by Silicon Valley coders that present their users with content that reinforces their existing beliefs, promotes political partisanship, and spreads conspiracy theories.

Tyler Hobbs, Fidenza Creator, Sells $17 Million NFTs Despite Dreary Market

Bitcoinist 29 Sep 2022
Tyler Hobbs, a famous coder and generative artist, have partnered with Dandelion Wist, Archipelago Co-Founder, for the QQL algorithm that was able to raise a whopping $17 million on Wednesday and is still rising in trading as of press time.

JoSAA Counselling 2022: EEE or ECE? Dual degree or BTech? IIT Bombay professor weighs in ...

Indian Express 23 Sep 2022
If you are a coder, you are a very exciting person in electrical engineering. If you like coding and building algorithms, you easily slide in electrical engineering ... Let’s say you love algorithms and math, and then you can take computer science classes and get exposed to the backbone of this entire system. Many of the students I have are born coders ... .

Before YouTube’s Algorithm, There Were ‘Coolhunters’

The Atlantic 05 Sep 2022
Today, YouTube is known for its powerful recommendation algorithm ... One day, she told me, a programmer approached her desk and explained that engineers had developed an algorithm for picking homepage videos designed to get optimal clicks ... The coder loaded a sample page of videos that the algorithm had selected ... YouTube’s algorithms improved.

Join Kick Start, a coding competition for all levels

Google Blog 21 Jun 2022
Kick Start, one of Google’s Coding Competitions, is celebrating its 10th anniversary this season! Open to all skill levels, Kick Start gives beginner to advanced coders the chance to develop their skills and learn more about competitive programming through algorithmic and mathematical challenges designed by Google engineers.

“AI is invisible – that’s part of the problem”, says Wendy Hall

New Statesman 14 Jun 2022
Despite its many mundane applications, age-old stereotypes about artificial intelligence persist ... Indeed, developing intelligent computer systems has ethical implications ... Then you need to “put people in the new city” – non-coders who are still integral to the AI system functioning, such as auditors, ethicists and algorithm bias detectors ... .

Here’s what Elon Musk needs to do with Twitter

Russia Today 26 Apr 2022
So, what’s next? For starters, Musk must expose the algorithms that have long afflicted the platform – and if necessary, change or remove them in their entirety ... The grunts – the everyday content moderators, coders, and the decision makers in middle management – were the ones who created the algorithms and enacted the bans.

How the digital workforce can reduce unemployment

Independent online (SA) 20 Mar 2022
We need a digitally astute workforce ... Simply put, more people will need to be skilled back-end users for digital interfaces, inputting commands and algorithms. Software engineers, coders and content producers are some of the key roles that come to mind when thinking of the present-day workers collaborating with technology ... IOL TECH .

Compete with the best in the region with Shopee Code League

Manila Bulletin 16 Feb 2022
This initiative is available to tech coders of all levels from across the region ... This year, to cater to the need of more coders keen on learning about algorithms, SCL will focus on offering the following topics. Python Programming, C++, Go, Data Structures and Algorithms, and Dynamic Programming.

Compete with best in region with Shopee Code League

Manila Standard 16 Feb 2022
This initiative is available to tech coders of all levels from across the region ... This year, to cater to the need of more coders keen on learning about algorithms, SCL will focus on offering the following topics. Python Programming, C++, Go, Data Structures and Algorithms, and Dynamic Programming.

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